Polkadot Smart Contract Parachain Networks

Patract Network will deploy a series of parachains dedicated to WASM smart contract development in different Polkadot networks to create a new generation of cross-chain smart contract platforms. Compared with Ethereum's EVM, we adopt a more advanced WASM smart contract technology to support developers to write smart contracts with high complexity, high security and high performance. At the same time, with Polkadot's shared security and cross-chain communication, we can achieve continuous expansion of transaction throughput and deep integration with other parachain ecosystems.



Patract P series

A series of smart contract parachains on Polkadot for developers to deploy production-level DApps. It will use the most mature contract technology and allow all DOT holders to freely enter, and then directly use DOT to pay fees and participate in governance.


Patract K series

A series of smart contract parachains on Kusama for developers to try radical innovation. It will use the more mature contract technology and serve as the canary network of the Patract P series, while directly using KSM as the native currency.


Jupiter series

A series of smart contract parachains on Rococo for developers to conduct early trials. It will integrate the latest contract technology, integrate with the latest development tools and services, configure the most suitable blockchain environment for development and testing, and issue test tokens for free.

Contract Technology

Virtual Machine

The structure, instruction completeness and execution efficiency of WASM virtual machine are far better than EVM virtual machine.

Contract Languages

Any language that supports WASM can be used, including the most mature ink!, or Rust, C++, JS, AS, etc.

Execution Speed

It can be executed at a speed of closing to machine code, and a single parachain can reach 1500 TPS in the public network environment.

Transaction Costs

Due to the substantial increase of transaction throughput, contract deployment and transaction costs are greatly reduced, and are generally priced in US cents.

True Random Numbers

The consensus algorithm of the Polkadot relay chain provides high-security true random numbers, and the contract can use them in applications, such as games.

Toolkits and Service

Patract Hub contains various local open source toolkits and services, and also supports an one-stop cloud smart IDE.

Polkadot Ecosystem

Shared Security

Polkadot manages the consensus of all parachains by the relay chain, so Patract Network can share the security of the whole system and guarantee the safe execution of its own contract transactions.

Cross-chain Communications

Polkadot supports the transfer of arbitrary assets and messages between parachains, so Patract Network's contract parachains or other parachains can communicate with each other, forming a large-scale network effect.

Multi-chain Ecosystem

Polkadot is expected to support up to 100 parachains, including some important independent application parachains, plus the millions of DApps that can be deployed on the Patract Network, which can achieve ecological complementarity and collaboration.

Contract Advantage

Lower Development Difficulty

Parachain development needs to master the entire underlying framework such as the Substrate and XCMP communication protocol. However, the contract parachain has shield the underlying technical details, and developers only need to pay attention to the contract business logic.

Lower Deployment Cost

Deploying parachain requires raising tens of millions of DOT to auction slots and locking them for several months. However, deploying contracts only needs to pay a small amount of DOT (or KSM) as a transaction fee and serve as a storage deposit based on actual demand.

Wider Ecological Integration

Contracts can be dynamically deployed, upgraded or destroyed in real time, and can also be quickly migrated between contract parachains. Each contract chain can deploy millions of various contract applications to promote the largest ecological integration.

Products & Services


Polkadot multi-chain explorer. It will provide the display, analysis, search and API services of relay chain, parachain and contract module data.


Polkadot multi-chain DApp market. It will track, record and recommend multi-chain Dapps to help users quickly browse the Polkadot ecosystem.

Patract Network is developed and maintained by Patract Labs

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